Jurassic Kampung in Singapore

It’s amazing. You can literally find something from the Jurassic period at the Kampung. No, I am not talking about those fanciful creatures like those at the Changi Jurassic Mile. We are dealing with living things and not Jurassic period fossils.

Have you heard of the Cycads? These plants were found almost everywhere during the Jurassic era; so much so that the Period is sometimes referred to as the Age of the Cycads. As a group of plants, they have not changed much since the Jurassic time.

The Cardboard plant in one of the Cycads plants found at the Kampung. It is similar to a palm and thus also called the Cardboard palm. The plant is extremely toxic to all animals and there is no known antidote. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why it has survived all this time.

Cardboard plant

Another cycads plant in Kampung Kampus is the Sago Palm or King Palm. Like the Cardboard plant, all parts of this plant are toxic with the seeds containing the highest level of the toxin.

Sago Palm

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