Here we go round the mulberry bush

So goes the nursery rhyme. There are a couple of mulberry bushes in Kampung Kampus and the main attraction is the mulberry fruit; loads of them. Mulberry bush is a perennial and fruits all year round. Not only is the fruit nutritious but the leaves of the plant can be drunk as a tea.


Glamping, a combination of the word glamorous and camping offer holidaying guests the opportunity to stay in tents with all the trappings of a 5 star hotel.

Generally found in resorts, some resourceful enterpreneurs have concocted and offered new variation of glamping making it more affordable. Glamping has now reached the heartlands and for those itching to go glamping they do not have to go far as there is a glamping site at Kampung Kampus .


Where a stream runs through it.

There are myriad of small little non-profit making farms scattered all over Singapore main island but you will be hard pressed to find one with a natural stream running through it. Kampung Kampus is uniquely endowed by nature where a delighful little stream flows serendipitously right through it. The water is refreshing and clear nurturing all types of aquatic animals. Somedays you may even spot an otter or two. This stream is the source of water for irrigating the vegetables, flowering plants and fruit trees growing in the farm.

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