May a hundred flowers bloom

For those familiar with Kampung Kampus, it is generally known as a place where pesticide-free vegetables are grown. Vying for attention too are the myriad of flowers that can be found on the farm. They range from the garden varieties like roses and jasmine to more exotic species like the Red-Hot Cat’s tail. All in all, there are a few hundred species of flowers growing in Kampung Kampus.

Kampung Kampus flowers

Jurassic Kampung in Singapore

It’s amazing. You can literally find something from the Jurassic period at the Kampung. No, I am not talking about those fanciful creatures like those at the Changi Jurassic Mile. We are dealing with living things and not Jurassic period fossils.

Have you heard of the Cycads? These plants were found almost everywhere during the Jurassic era; so much so that the Period is sometimes referred to as the Age of the Cycads. As a group of plants, they have not changed much since the Jurassic time.

The Cardboard plant in one of the Cycads plants found at the Kampung. It is similar to a palm and thus also called the Cardboard palm. The plant is extremely toxic to all animals and there is no known antidote. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why it has survived all this time.

Cardboard plant

Another cycads plant in Kampung Kampus is the Sago Palm or King Palm. Like the Cardboard plant, all parts of this plant are toxic with the seeds containing the highest level of the toxin.

Sago Palm


Kampung Kampus is about the size of about 2 football fields but inside this tiny plot of land is an amazing diversity of flora albeit predominantly grown by staff and volunteers of the farm. At the last count, there were more than 300 species of plants.

Lor ChenCharu ; Kampung Kampus
Kampung Kampus

You can view all the herbs, ornamental plants, fruit trees, vegetables and many more at Kampung Kampus at our Andriod app : Farm Guardians Kampung Kampus.

In a quiet corner of the farm grows a tall and resplendent Canistel tree or better known as the Egg Yolk fruit tree

Canistel fruit is a fruit commonly grown in the tropics. However, it is not commercially marketed as the fruit is not grown on a large scale. The flesh of a ripe fruit is soft and sweet quite similar to that of a sweet potato but a little astringent. The fruit is most flavourful and velvety in texture when harvested fully ripen.

Canistel Tree – 5 metres tall
Close-up view
Fruits on the branches
Harvested fruit which is the size of an apple
The fruit usually contains 1 to 2 mahogany-coloured seeds about the size of a walnut

Nissan Note car review

Here are some features of Nissan Note car.

Although a small car, it is quite powerful as it has it can move off quite smartly from a stationary position.

Fuel efficiency is average.

Car is spacious and can accommodate 5 passengers.

Car air conditioning gives off a strange odour when driving speed exceeds 100 kmh. Nissan mechanic said that this is caused by the overheating of the   air conditioner coolant . His advice is to try not to drive exceeding 100 kmh.

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